The Beverly Hills Collection presents:

Beverly Hills
The First 100 Years


By Robert S. Anderson
Official Centennial Historian for the City of Beverly Hills

Foreword by Lili Bosse, Mayor of Beverly Hills

BEVERLY HILLS - THE FIRST 100 YEARS is a comprehensive, sumptuously illustrated history of the legendary city, it’s houses, parks, and gardens, from it’s founding to today.

Published to coincide with the city’s Centennial, BEVERLY HILLS - THE FIRST 100 YEARS depicts a city that has lived within our collective imagination as a paradise.

The volume is authored by Robert S. Anderson, the grandson and great-grandson of the founders of the Beverly Hills Hotel, whose roots run deep. As a well-connected Beverly Hills native, Anderson has been granted unprecedented access to both public and private collections of memorabilia and historic records. Anderson presents Beverly Hills in unprecedented fashion, and with an eye toward the whole picture that will make this the definitive book on the famous city.

“No one is more devoted to or knowledgeable about Beverly Hills’ history and legacy than Robbie. He has an outstanding colleciton of Beverly Hills memorabilia and an amazing memory. His books are full of wonderful photographs, humor, and historical detail. I am so greatful to Robbie for writing this book in honor of Beverly Hills’ 100th year.” – Lili Bosse, Mayor of Beverly Hills


Hardcover / 396 pages / 300 color and black-and-white photographs / 12” x 12”

ISBN: 978-0-8478-4341-1

Price: $100.00 US & CAD

Publication Date: October 2014

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Available November 17th at the following locations:

    Beverly Hills:
  • The Beverly Hills Hotel
  • Beverly Wilshire Hotel
  • Peninsula Hotel
  • Geary's
  • Beverly Hills Visitors Center
    Los Angeles:
  • Hennessy & Ingalls
  • Book Soup

About the Author:

Robert S. Anderson is the author and editor of The Beverly Hills Hotel and Bungalows: The First 100 Years. He is the great-grandson of Margaret Anderson and the grandson of Stanley Anderson — the founding proprietors of the Beverly Hills Hotel. As part of his exhaustive research on the early history of Beverly Hills, he has lectured, written numerous articles, and amassed an extensive archive of materials related to the city. In his work to preserve the unique heritage of Beverly Hills, he is also the Official Historian for the Beverly Hills Hotel and has served as president of the Beverly Hills Rotary Club, member of the City of Beverly Hills Recreation and Parks Commission, and director of the Beverly Hills Tournament of Roses Committee. He has also consulted with the City of Beverly Hills on the Master Plan for the future of the city. He lives with his wife Jeanne in Beverly Hills.